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Galway Museum

April 2011

Smart Art 101 Raymond BurrowsRaymond Burrows body of work, SMARTART 101 took five years to create. The individual elements in Ray's work span from the year he was born to the present day. His chosen medium, media images which are fed to and consumed by society are now de-contextualised.

Ray, in his own unique style, presents these images 'cutting', condensed, juxtaposed and more often than not subverted. His work serves as a provocative social commentary, providing Food for Thought to those who come in contact with the work.

Each piece runs with its own narative, resonating on many levels of interpretation yet all the work assimilates to form a whole.

Where do you fit in the picture? Do you see the work or does the work see you?

One thing is certain; all is not as it is seen.


"In April 2011 we were delighted to host an exhibition of original art from Galway based artist, Raymond Burrows, which was unique and impressive in both scale and content. Entitled SmartArt 101, comprised of 101 individual canvases that combined to present one powerful piece of commentary on modern life, spanning the gammut of popular and political culture since the time of the artist's birth up until the present day."

-Breandán O hEaghra
Deptuty Director, Galway City Museum

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