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Galway Museum

April 2011

Smart Art Exhibition in the Galway Museum

Raymond Burrows body of work, SMARTART 101 took five years to create. The individual elements in Ray's work span from the year he was born to the present day. His chosen medium, media images which are fed to and consumed by society are now de-contextualised.

Ray, in his own unique style, presents these images 'cutting', condensed, juxtaposed and more often than not subverted. His work serves as a provocative social commentary, providing Food for Thought to those who come in contact with the work.

Each piece runs with its own narative, resonating on many levels of interpretation yet all the work assimilates to form a whole.

Where do you fit in the picture? Do you see the work or does the work see you?

One thing is certain; all is not as it is seen.


"In April 2011 we were delighted to host an exhibition of original art from Galway based artist, Raymond Burrows, which was unique and impressive in both scale and content. Entitled SmartArt 101, comprised of 101 individual canvases that combined to present one powerful piece of commentary on modern life, spanning the gammut of popular and political culture since the time of the artist's birth up until the present day."

-Breandán O hEaghra
Deptuty Director, Galway City Museum

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1. Scalextric – Exit
2. Dodge This Motherfucker
3. Bonnie & Clyde
4. Go On I Dare You
5. Wanted Dead Or Alive, A King
6. You Think You Know, But You Don't, Or Maybe You Do?
7. The Number 7 Train
8. Put It Where You Want It
9. #74 To The Beat Of A Different Drum
10. Work Hard And Someday Maybe, Just Maybe, Your Dreams Will Come True
11. On The Volley
12. Rubber Ducky, Where Is Your Handle? Over...
13. I'd Like To Go Back To The 70's
14. Cat And Dog's Life
15. Chopper
16. Tupperware Parties, Sneaky Fuckers xxx
17. Look Into My Eyes
18. Do You Know New York?
19. Did Someone Say Bats?
20. Dogs Bite, God Knows I Know
21. Who Is The Boss Of Who? Who Is The Boss Of Who?
22. Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn Who Sees What, Just Remember, It Came From Somewhere.
23. Did I Miss Something Here?
24. World War Declared on Snow White
25. Stay One Step Ahead and Have The Edge
26. Have Your Cake And Eat It
27. Learn To Draw Smart
28. This Is Not A Test
29. See It, Hear It, Love It, Tag It, It's Yours
30. Rich, Poor. Rich, Poor. Poor, Rich. Poor, Rich, Dead
31. True Love, Now You Take It Back
32. Pirates, Thieves, Boys and Kings, But Very Few Good Men
33. Come Fly With Me Monster Bear
34. Different Fuckin' Heroes
35. What A Lady, What An Ass
36. The Rebellion Starts Here, Underground Today
37. Don't Try To Understand Me, Understand Yourself
38. You Had To Be There. New York Loft Party. Your Name's not On The List
39. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
40. Celebrate You Fun Lovin Cat
41. It's Harder To Leave Than To Be Left Behind
42. What Is It About? This Page, That You Like It So?
43. Can You See What I See? Really? Never Lie
44. No Fakes Please
45. Who The Hell Does The Party Before The Party
46. One Hundred And One, How Was It For You?
47. It's Anything But Cute, New York State Of Mind
48. Every Year Counts
49. Just another Brick Wall
50. Head And Shoulders To One Another
51. What to do, what to do. The Secret is : There is no Secret
52. Find a Job you like and you add 5 days to every week
53. Don't really like this one. Don't know why, just don't
54. Where the Fuck did that Flag come from? Unstoppable
55. And the Same thing over and over. Get into it. Work
56. What makes you mad? Wake up
57. In just seconds, my life would change forever and ever ...and ever
58. Are you a Bandit, or just a nice person?
59. need more examples
60. She played it safe. But will he?
61. Now there are several kinds of Cats in this World, but not all of them have nine lives
62. She had a heart. The other was heartless.
63. Armoured cars, tanks and guns came to take away our sons, but every man will stand behind the men, behind the wire.
64. Are you in or out, or one in a million?
65. Life – sometimes it's complete madness
66. Grab life before life lets go
67. Sometimes you find yourself in the den on your own. It's what you do then that counts
68. Prepare to feel. Monday to Sunday.
69. Top Secret
70. You want when you want, but you take what you get.
71. Will the next generation learn from the past?
72. Watch out for the Shark! Cause he is always hungrier than you!
73. The best kept secret in the world. Who are we? Small question. Big Answer.
74. Created to show. We see everything, and turn a blind eye to some.
75. Can you put a name to the face? It takes a lot of time and patience. Life is not a nine two five.
76. Did you know that scrap gallery?
77. Can You See What I See?
78. Playtime is over. Zip it or else...
79. Independent truth. Something for you.
80. Sin City NY, a 12 million piece puzzle.
81. One hundred and One present passion
82. A little Worm on a big fuckin hook
83. Here's a little discovery in print! Use what has been printed and make it your own.
84. hard to find a taxi when you need one
85. Can I paint you a picture?
86. You'll like this painting. It's a real piece of Art.
87. Even a pirate's heart can be broken!
88. Not Wanted! The American Dream.
89. Have you the Key to Unlock this piece?
90. Oh Look – Pink Polkadots
91. The only way to be free is to finish what you start
92. America er look!
93. That Angel's smile is sexier now than ever before.
94. There is nothing little about this black book. That's why I love it so.
95. Can you love everyday?
96. Desert snake and greed. The Rich.
97. beware of the Dogs of War
98. What would you know if you knew the truth?
99. I' just a tramp trying to get to the top of the mountain just like everyone else.
100. What would you do for love?
101. Be Fabulous and sophisticated. Everything else can go to hell. Oh, and have a nice day. You think therefore you are.


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